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Blood Type Diets – A wonderful tool for good health!

B is for blood type. There are four basic blood types – O, A, B, and AB. These are determined by chemical markers called antigens. Antigens are in every cell of the body and are a key part of the … Continue reading

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Ingredients – Do you know what toxic chemicals you have used today?

Ingredients are important, but many of us are too busy to read the labels. They are important on everything we use from cosmetics, household cleaners, pesticides, drugs, food, water and so on. There are increasing links between the number of … Continue reading


Parasites – Are You a Good Host?

After last week’s article on cleansing, I thought it would be a good time to bring up parasites – the thought of which makes most of us queasy. In spite of that, they are an often overlooked cause of certain … Continue reading

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Spring Cleaning – Time to Get Rid of the Gunk!

Detoxification is a basic natural health solution. It is particularly important in this day and age when toxic chemicals are in our homes, our food, our air and our water – and of course, spring is a great time to … Continue reading

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