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Water Water Everywhere – Make Sure You Have Enough to Drink

Water. The human body is over 70 % water. The average adult contains 10-13 gallons of water. Blood is 83% water, muscles 75%, brain 75%, heart 75%, bones 22%, lungs 86%, kidneys 83% and eyes 95%. It is a wonder … Continue reading


B Vitamins – The Natural Remedy for Stress and Fatigue

B vitamins are the catalytic spark plugs of the human body. They function as catalysts in many biochemical reactions that are essential to health. As a group, they are named the B complex vitamins because they are found together in … Continue reading

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Nucleotides – Speed Healers

Nucleotides are a somewhat new product. They are the building blocks for DNA and RNA – the nucleic acids that are found in every cell of the body. Nucleotides can promote an instantaneous boost in both immunity and energy. They … Continue reading

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Horses with EPM

This is a quick note to whoever is searching on olive leaf for horses with EPM. EPM is protozoal – in other words, I would not recommend olive leaf which tends to help with things viral and fungal. There are … Continue reading

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