My Practice

One of the things I love to do is help people take charge of their own health and realize better health and an improved quality of life.  My naturopathic education taught me that the the body can heal itself if given the right tools: good nutrition (through better food and supplementation), exercise, and a healthy environment.

In my consulting practice, I use the innate knowing of my client’s body to direct us to the corrective actions needed to better health.  All suggestions I make are natural, safe, and have demonstrated a high level of efficacy.

I work remotely with people all over the country and have enjoyed meeting like-minded people everywhere.  I keep my rates low so that all people can afford better health and I only sell the highest quality products, hand-chosen for their potency and value.

If you would like more information, give us a call at 325-347-6040 or email us at .


9 Responses to My Practice

  1. raccoon eyes says:

    This question is different: how can “raccoon eyes” go away? I have what appears to be a heredity skin coloring around the eyes. My mother has it occasionally (she is 80 years old, now.) Her father had it as well, but it seemed to be occasional as well. So I am thinking that it is a ‘treatable’ condition.

    It shows on me more or less permanently, nowadays. It may be pronounced by my poor sleep pattern.

    This is especially important to me: I am requested to do instruction video and speaking engagements. (I suppose I could hide behind my glasses!)

    Is there a supplement that will aid this condition?

    • There might be a supplement for dark circles, but they can be caused by several different things – the fact you say yours come and go could be adrenal based – they would be worse from lack of sleep, allergies (sometimes food sensitivities that you aren’t aware of).
      It is difficult to make a recommendation without knowing more. But hope this is helpful.
      P.S. we have a great adrenal supplement that many of our customers like.

  2. raccoon eyes says:

    FYI: It appears that the email address (above) is not working.

  3. Trevor Maclaine says:


  4. Duane says:

    Hi Margaret…
    I don’t see any way to subscribe to this blog…
    I like to see your new posts…

  5. Darrel Sipes says:

    What is the most important “first purchase” to start moving in the right direction. We are a cook everything from scratch family, a somewhat organic, we would be all organic but I’m a carpenter and it’s expensive, family. And would like to be even healthier. My wife gets bad headaches and I have a nagging sciatic injury from 4 years ago. Would a blood cleanser help with these? I clicked your link from Lew Rockwell…

    Thank You
    Darrel Sipes

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