Get Healthier with Daily Habits

The QUEST FOR HEALTH is universal.  Throughout the ages, there has been a desire to find the one pill or potion that would restore our health and hopefully our youth – at least some of it.

Think of the resources and effort behind our modern health care system.  Think of the “MIRACLE” DRUGS that have been developed.  Think of the modern technology and sophisticated tests that we now have access to.

Yet ARE WE HEALTHIER?  I actually think we are not.  Statistics show that as a nation we aren’t healthy.  Health problems that used to be found in 50 and 60 year olds are now common in 30 and 40 year olds.  More and more people are diagnosed with cancer every day.

BEYOND the diagnosable diseases, think of how many people take blood pressure medicine or cholesterol medicine.  How many people do you know that take a medicine and actually get well?   It seems more common that people take one medicine and then another, and then another and then they get really sick.

What if the ability to GET REALLY WELL was right in front of us?  What if it was something accessible to all of us, not just the wealthy, or those with insurance?  What if the answer was not found in a simple pill you could take, but in the food that you eat?  What if the answer to good health was not something additional that you do, but something that you need to quit?  Would you quit?

Ninety percent of the time, our health problems are caused by our DAILY HABITS over time.  Many times I hear the phrase “it’s my genes”.  In a small percentage of cases, it really is the genes; however, most of the time it is the inherited lifestyle and diet that cause the problems.

When dealing with a chronic health problem, the most PROFOUND CHANGES almost always come from diet and lifestyle changes.  From my own personal experience in dealing with health problems, the best and longest lasting results came from diet and lifestyle changes.

So what do these diet and LIFESTYLE CHANGES really mean?  I am going to borrow some tips from Dr. Julian Whitaker’s book “Shed 10 Years in 10 Weeks”.  The FIRST TIP is to eat 5 to 8 servings of different vegetables each day.  Wow, that’s a lot of vegetables, and it’s certainly a lot more than most of us like, much less eat.  (I have to take vegetables in a pill form – not ideal, but it is the best way I have found to be consistent.)

The SECOND TIP is to drink 8 glasses of water per day.  Many health conditions involve dehydration.  Good water (not chlorinated) is the best cellular rejuvenator.   Plus the water should replace some of the drinks that contribute to certain health problems such as sodas, tea or coffee.

The THIRD TIP is to eat the right kind of carbohydrates.  This means whole grains, beans, and fruits and vegetables.  This does not mean things made from white sugar or white flour.  Starchy vegetables like corn and potatoes should be limited to 2 to 3 servings per week.

The FOURTH TIP is to eat three servings of fruit each day.

The FIFTH TIP is to exercise regularly.  There is lots to say about exercise, but I am out of space.

These health tips have the ability to DRASTICALLY CHANGE your health and they are available to you and to every one.  The first time I followed this plan, I did just the first 2 tips and lost 10 pounds in 3 weeks. Try them for yourself and see how you feel.

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Blood Cleaners – Old Time Herbs That Still Work

 BLOOD PURIFIERS are one of my favorite classes of herbs, and one that truly is at the heart of herbalism.  Blood purification is an old fashioned classification of herbs that are good for just about anything – including acne, arthritis, eczema, cancer and more.

Many things in our modern life lead to BLOOD IMPURITIES – these include stress, poor diet, and exposure to many chemicals in our daily environments.  The human body is designed to clean and heal itself.  Herbs help this process; while many of the drugs used in conventional medicine interfere with this process.

Any herb will have MULTIPLE PROPERTIES and any of the herbs that support the liver and kidneys will also clean the blood.  Most of these herbs will help restore alkaline balance to the body.  Two blood cleaners that I often recommend are dandelion and burdock.  Both of these will help to purify the blood, and both to some degree also support and clean the kidneys and liver.

DANDELION is very helpful for teenage acne.  And it is included in many popular herbal liver and kidney cleaners.

BURDOCK is another herb that is a blood cleaner – I recommend it most commonly for the lymphatic system, but it works for the kidneys too.  One of the more useful properties of burdock is that it will help clean both the kidneys and the joints, softening and removing excess calcium.  Burdock is included in many of my horse formulas because it is very gentle, yet effective (and tasty if you are a horse.)

ECHINACEA is a well-known blood purifier.  It is both a blood and lymph cleaner.  And it also stimulates the immune system.

The are several BLOOD CLEANERS that are used in traditional herbalism when the body is seriously out of balance in conditions such as cancer.  These include burdock, sheep sorrel, red clover, galangal, blood root, pau d’arco and graviola.  These herbs are useful for removing impurities and alkalizing the body.  These herbs are part of an alternative and/or complementary approach to health as the underlying assumption is that the body can heal itself if the blood is “clean”.

Here are some of the BLOOD CLEANSING FORMULAS.  Essiac, a well-known formula of several blood cleaning herbs, has been studied clinically and is known for helping to shrink tumors.  The Hoxey formula is still used in some of the cancer clinics in Mexico.  This is a blood purifying formula that contains red clover.  And, there are also the Native American herbs that are blood cleaners.

FORMULAS like these have fallen out of popularity as they are not understood by most people.  We tend to look for remedies that I call “one hit wonders” that are supposed to cure everything.  All of these blood purifying herbs and formulas can be useful depending on the challenges facing the body.  But, remember that they are are just one step in restoring health to the body.

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Calm Inflammation – Naturally!

Chronic INFLAMMATION is a common symptom in most degenerative diseases.  These include certain types of cancer, cardiovascular disease, Type II diabetes, high cholesterol, chronic obesity, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Inflammation is a NATURAL REPSONSE of the body to injury.  Think of inflammation in relation to the swelling around a sprained ankle.  The body handles this injury by sending certain chemicals to the area to start tissue repair.  On the surface, this looks like swelling, but underneath the skin, much is going on to repair the damage and restore health to the ankle.

CHRONIC INFLAMMATION” is a systemic response to injury.  What is significant about chronic inflammation is that it triggers the genes within us that are preprogrammed to certain diseases such as diabetes, cancer, heart disease, etc.  Each person reacts differently to prolonged inflammation, yet it will eventually break down organ function, weaken the heart muscle and cause conditions that lead to diabetes or even cancer.

There are a few major CONTRIBUTORS to inflammation.  They are high blood sugar, acid pH, food sensitivities and oxidation.  Eating foods made with white flour and white sugar along with fried foods leads to high blood sugar, acid pH and /or oxidative stress – all contributors to inflammation.

Inflammation is a response to our LIFESTYLE.  If we eat foods that are highly acidifying, that cause high blood sugar and promote oxidative stress, then our genes will respond with inflammation and disease.

CONTROLLING INFLAMMATION is a key to preventing and / or limiting degenerative disease.  Several classes of nutritional supplements all work towards fighting inflammation.  These include enzymes, anti-oxidants, essential fatty acids, fiber, vitamins, minerals, herbs and probiotics. Green supplements such as liquid chlorophyll, spirulina and chlorella are also important in maintaining pH and increasing antioxidants.

Some of the better formulations for ANTI-INFLAMMATORY products include molecularly distilled omega 3 oils with high ratios of EPA and DHA; herbal blends that contain turmeric, ginger, and rosemary; enzyme formulations that are specifically for inflammation such as Intenzyme; herbal juice formulations such as noni and mangosteen that are both anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory; and multi-vitamin and omega 3 oil products formulated specifically for anti-aging such as Biotics Research Vasculo-Sirt.   Major antioxidants such as alpha lipoic acid, pycnogenol, grape seed extract and resveratrol also seem to help reduce inflammation and to protect genes.

The best approach to controlling inflammation begins with CHOICES you can make.  Stop eating pro-inflammatory foods such as those made from white flour and white sugar.  Remove hydrogenated oils from shortening, margarine and fried foods from your diet.  Add healthy, anti-inflammatory oils such as olive oil, macadamia nut oil, flax oil and fish oil to your diet.  Eat plenty of alkalizing fruits and vegetables.  Avoid acidifying foods such as sodas, artificial sweeteners, additives, preservatives, white sugar and white flour.  Also exercise moderately.

You can OUTSMART your inflammation.  Although you may have a genetic predisposition to certain conditions, you can control the factors that activate those genes so that you can avoid or limit the condition.

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Herbal Cleanse For a New You!

CLEANSING is a great topic for the New Year.   If you would like to be healthier or would like to lose weight, a cleanse would be a fabulous place to start.  The purpose of cleansing is to help the body get rid of harmful toxins so that it runs more effectively and efficiently.

The standard AMERICAN DIET is full of processed and refined foods plus fast foods that tend to overwhelm our bodies and clog not just our arteries, but our livers, colons, lymph systems and kidneys as well.  Over the long run this kind of diet results in clogged tissues, suffocated cells, and loss of energy.  Both over-consumption and reduced eliminative function will cause congestive disorders such as frequent colds and flu’s, arthritis, gout, allergies, cardiovascular disease, and more.

Cleansing is the ANTIDOTE for the American diet.  A clean body has more energy; it sleeps better, thinks more clearly, digests and assimilates food efficiently, looks better and has fewer health problems.

There are many DIFFERENT FORMS of cleansing.  One of my favorites is an herbal cleanse that cleans all channels of elimination – kidneys, liver, lymph, blood, skin, colon and lungs.  What is nice about this kind of cleanse is that it is relatively user friendly and it contains herbs that not only clean the body, but rebuild and strengthen it as well.

Herbal cleanses need to be taken WITH FIBER and omega 3 oils.  The fiber acts like both, a broom and a sponge and helps sweep out your insides.  The omega 3 oils help soften and lubricate your insides to make them easier to clean.

People who do this kind of cleanse talk about HOW GOOD THEY FEEL during and after the cleanse and how it helps eliminate certain health problems from constipation, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, gall bladder attacks, joint pain, low energy, and more.

The herbal cleanse I recommend is a 30 DAY PROGRAM and it is very thorough; however, depending on your history, you may want to follow it with a candida cleanse (almost everyone needs this), a parasite cleanse, a liver cleanse, or a heavy metal cleanse.  These additional cleanses can really help eliminate chronic health problems.  If you really want to be healthier, thorough cleansing is a great first step.

If you have never done a cleanse before, there are GENTLER CLEANSES that should be done before attempting the 30 day program.  These “first step” cleanses are also good for those that are very sensitive, or have reactive digestive tracts.

A body that hasn’t been cleaned is kind of like a house that hasn’t been cleaned.  STUFF BUILDS UP over time.  It is a good habit to cleanse the body at regular intervals – at least once per year.  Cleansing gets rid of toxic waste so that it won’t accumulate and slow you down. Try it for your health.

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