Silver – Safe and Effective!

Silver was probably the most powerful antibiotic, antifungal substance known prior to World War II. During this time, silver was ground up into small particles and suspended in a fluid known as colloidal silver. This type of silver was very expensive and only wealthy people could afford silver treatments.
During World War II, the methodology for making penicillin on a commercial scale was discovered and silver treatments became a thing of the past. That is until many bacterial strains became resistant to antibiotics.
During the 1960’s and 1970’s, research on silver began to take place with some remarkable results. The process of making silver solutions benefited tremendously from the technology developed during this time. Instead of ground up silver that would turn the body gray, the new silver solutions were electrically generated with extremely small silver particles as small as 1/10,000 of an inch.
Reseachers discovered that silver does indeed possess antibacterial and antifungal properties particularly with the electrically generated colloidal silver. They also found that extremely small concentrations such as 5 to 6 parts per million (ppm) were actually more effective than the stronger solutions. Note that the stronger solutions made from old technology are the ones that can turn you blue – stay away from high ppm solutions – I will not carry any higher than 30 ppm – our most popular version is just 10 ppm.
Silver has been used on almost any condition involving bacteria, virus, and/or fungus. These include ear infections, food poisoning, stomach viruses, sinus infections, skin infections, urinary tract infections, shingles, pink eye, yeast infections, ringworm, colitis, and many more. It is one of my favorite remedies to recommend because it is so safe and gentle – it is easy for anyone of any age to take because it tastes like water.
Over the years, I have had many customers use silver on a daily basis with nothing but positive results. It seems to help break the cycle of chronic ear infections in children and also chronic sinus infections is adults.
Silver is very safe and can be put directly into an infected eye or ear, or it can taken internally. I have also sprayed silver directly on wasp stings and had the pain resolve in just a few minutes, leaving no swelling or other sign of the sting.
I use silver at the barn. It is a great wound spray. I have used it to wash goopy eyes and have also used it when dealing with infection. My barn cat gets it daily – if not, she gets urinary tract infections.
Silver has become much more popular in recent years – especially after it was shown to be effective on anthrax. Clinical studies have been running for several years in Africa where silver has been used successfully on malaria. One of the nice things about using silver is that bacteria and virus strains have no known resistance to it.
The best silver solutions are those that are combined with oxygen that tend to make the silver more stable and more bioavailable. These tend to be ionized solutions rather than true colloids. Again, stronger solutions are not necessarily better since laboratory tests show that 5 to 6 ppm is effective on most organisms.
New research shows that silver when used over time does not kill beneficial bacteria in the intestinal tract. There is also significant research documenting the safety of silver.
Try a newly popular old remedy and see what you think.

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About NaturalCowgirl

Margaret Durst has been involved with natural health for over 20 years. In her early 30s, she was faced with a medical diagnosis that recommended a lifetime of prescription drugs. In her heart, she knew that there must be an alternative way to healing and health and thus began her journey into natural health. Along the way, Margaret has trained with many different natural health practitioners and earned a degree in Naturopathy. She established her nutritional consulting practice and opened The Green House in 2003 to enable her mission of helping people navigate the natural health maze. People have praised Margaret for intuitive ability to help people address their health issues and goals with diet and lifestyle choices and successfully take responsibility for their health and wellbeing. This comes from Margaret’s deeply held beliefs in the body’s innate ability to heal and in the tools nature provides for health and healing.
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4 Responses to Silver – Safe and Effective!

  1. Mike says:


    Your article (read at is much appreciated. I’ve been making my own colloidal silver for a couple of months and taking 10-12 ml/day of what should be about 10 ppm silver. Did quite a bit of research on the benefits and home manufacture before deciding this is an essential prep with Ebola rising as a threat. Since then, as you mentioned in the article, chronic sinus issues have waned. More importantly, knee pain that had persisted for years went away just when it became worse with arrival of cold weather in the past. Hip joint pain took a little longer and now also seems to be about gone. Haven’t had any colds or flu since either. I take the colloidal silver in the morning after brushing my teeth and swish it around in my mouth for absorption into the blood through the tongue and gums. Looking forward to the next dentist visit to see if a developing gum issue is resolved with this, instead of store bought anti-bacterial mouthwash (which costs more than my DIY CS).

    Speaking of what it can do in other species, A beekeeper friend with hundreds of hives is going to try it as a natural treatment for Nosema, when he identifies a hive with it. It has been mentioned as having been helpful in Russia when more commonly used treatments weren’t available. One partially documented case study in the USA overdosed the hive with 8 oz/gal of unknown ppm in bee feed, eliminating beneficial digestive bacteria (which can also be done with traditional treatments). Hope to have a better case study to share before summer.

    I’m preparing a document based on several articles about the history, benefits and manufacture. You site several benefits in your article. Would you be so kind as to provide links to information supporting these for the document. Your article will be sited.

    Many thanks,


    PS: this replaces the earlier post to correct a couple of items

  2. Darlene says:

    I am looking for antifungals to counter act all the side effects from taking antibiotics,steriods,inhalers and treatments.Seems now that I’m over loaded with fungi I’m going to go a more natural way and maybe the silver would help

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