Sustainability in Health Care – Is it Possible?

Sustainability in health care – As I listen to customers day in and day out, I wonder how our current health care system can sustain itself. How did we ever get away from being able to afford medical care? Why do we need insurance companies in the middle?
I know people whose treatment is beyond what their insurance will pay – but why does it cost so much? Why does everyone use insurance for regular healthcare? Shouldn’t we all pay for what we use and then have insurance for catastrophic events? There seems to be an illusion that insurance keeps you well. Now how does that work?
My views are based on my experience – it seems to me that a more sustainable model is one of self-responsibility. Sustainable means capable of enduring. I really like the current model of natural health because it is not regulated – other than requiring that claims about curing, diagnosing or treating diseases are not made. This system actually seems capable of enduring and it also tends to be affordable.
Does natural health have an answer for every health problem? Absolutely not, but it does have answers that work for many on common problems that can easily helped by inexpensive natural remedies and lifestyle changes.
I like the sustainability of natural health – very limited regulation and a huge requirement for self-responsibility. Would you rather have natural or unnatural health? I would rather have health (period). Natural if possible and then if not possible, I’d like to know what my options are.
One of the tools we offer at The Green House is periodic blood testing at low cost. This is a great opportunity for individuals to monitor things like cholesterol and blood sugar so they can stay healthy. This is part of the service we provide to keep costs low for people without insurance and to keep things convenient for those with insurance.
Medical doctors use blood work to diagnose disease. If there is no disease pattern present, then the lab work is pronounced “normal”. From my standpoint, the real value of regular blood work is a preventive aspect. What if your blood work is “normal” for several years in a row, but steadily moving towards the end of a “normal” range? Wouldn’t you want to know and be able to make some changes so that you do not progress into the “disease” range?
Being able to look at your blood work in this manner could make big differences in your overall health in the long run. Standard blood work can give lots of information about nutritional intake, digestion, mineral balance, immune status, liver function and kidney function. In most cases, health problems do not begin overnight. Regular blood work as a preventive tool tells you what areas to target and if the things you are doing are actually working.
The Green House sponsors a group called Health Check at regular intervals. Health Check is an independent lab that performs health screenings full time. On Tuesday, July 26th, they will be at the Green House in Mason from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. to take blood for laboratory analysis. This service is relatively inexpensive and completely confidential. Call us at 325-347-6040 if you would like more information.
Knowing your numbers and keeping up with them allows you to take control of your health. Remember, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.

About NaturalCowgirl

Margaret Durst has been involved with natural health for over 20 years. In her early 30s, she was faced with a medical diagnosis that recommended a lifetime of prescription drugs. In her heart, she knew that there must be an alternative way to healing and health and thus began her journey into natural health. Along the way, Margaret has trained with many different natural health practitioners and earned a degree in Naturopathy. She established her nutritional consulting practice and opened The Green House in 2003 to enable her mission of helping people navigate the natural health maze. People have praised Margaret for intuitive ability to help people address their health issues and goals with diet and lifestyle choices and successfully take responsibility for their health and wellbeing. This comes from Margaret’s deeply held beliefs in the body’s innate ability to heal and in the tools nature provides for health and healing.
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