Health – Change Your Habits, Change Your Health

The quest for health is universal. Throughout the ages there has been a desire to find the one pill or potion that would restore our health and hopefully our youth – at least some of it.
Think of the resources and effort behind our modern health care system. Think of the “miracle” drugs that have been developed. Think of the modern technology and sophisticated tests that we now have access to.
Yet are we healthier? I actually think we are not. Statistics show that as a nation we aren’t healthy. Health problems that used to be found in 50 and 60 year olds are now common in 30 and 40 year olds. More and more people are diagnosed with cancer every day.
Beyond the diagnosable diseases, think of how many people take blood pressure medicine or cholesterol medicine. How many people do you know that take a medicine and actually get well? It seems more common that people take one medicine and then another, and then another and then they get really sick.
What if the ability to get really well was right in front of us? What if it was something accessible to all of us, not just the wealthy, or those with insurance? What if the answer was not found in a simple pill you could take, but in the food that you eat? What if the answer to good health was not something additional that you do, but something that you need to quit? Would you quit?
Ninety percent of the time, our health problems are caused by our daily habits over time. Many times I hear the phrase “it’s my genes”. In a small percentage of cases, it really is the genes; however, most of the time it is the inherited lifestyle and diet that cause the problems.
When dealing with a chronic health problem, the most profound changes almost always come from diet and lifestyle changes. From my own personal experience in dealing with health problems, the best and longest lasting results came from diet and lifestyle changes.
So what do these diet and lifestyle changes really mean? I am going to borrow some tips from Dr. Julian Whitaker’s book “Shed 10 Years in 10 Weeks”. The first tip is to eat 5 to 8 servings of different vegetables each day. Wow, that’s a lot of vegetables, and it’s certainly a lot more than most of us like, much less eat. (I have to take vegetables in a pill form – not ideal, but it is the best way I have found to be consistent.)
The second tip is to drink 8 glasses of water per day. Many health conditions involve dehydration. Good water (not chlorinated) is the best cellular rejuvenator. Plus the water should replace some of the drinks that contribute to certain health problems such as sodas, tea or coffee.
The third tip is to eat the right kind of carbohydrates. This means whole grains, beans, and fruits and vegetables. This does not mean things made from white sugar or white flour. Starchy vegetables like corn and potatoes should be limited to 2 to 3 servings per week.
The fourth tip is to eat three servings of fruit each day.
These four health tips have the ability to drastically change our health and they are available to every one. I did just the first 2 tips and lost 10 pounds in 3 weeks. Try them for yourself and see how you feel.

About NaturalCowgirl

Margaret Durst has been involved with natural health for over 20 years. In her early 30s, she was faced with a medical diagnosis that recommended a lifetime of prescription drugs. In her heart, she knew that there must be an alternative way to healing and health and thus began her journey into natural health. Along the way, Margaret has trained with many different natural health practitioners and earned a degree in Naturopathy. She established her nutritional consulting practice and opened The Green House in 2003 to enable her mission of helping people navigate the natural health maze. People have praised Margaret for intuitive ability to help people address their health issues and goals with diet and lifestyle choices and successfully take responsibility for their health and wellbeing. This comes from Margaret’s deeply held beliefs in the body’s innate ability to heal and in the tools nature provides for health and healing.
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